Webhosting packages

We host exclusively to our own customers. That means customers that also use other services from Corebyte.
We are not a mass hosting company but are more specialized in custom built solutions and this is what we use the server(s) for.
The provider that we choose depends on your continent.


PHP engine

€ 5,-per month

Opslag – Fair use policy

POP3/IMAP email accounts

Apache / Nginx

Mysql databases

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Custom Python package

PYTHON engine

Pricing on request

Virtual environment

Gunicorn /  UWSGI / Supervisor


PostgreSQL / Sqlite

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E-mail, calendar, contacts en storage hosting

Google G-Suite

The business variant of Google Mail (Gmail). Besides the traditional POP3/IMAP email accounts we also offer the possibility to use the Google environment with a custom domain. This does come with extra costs per email account because of the Google service costs. In case you would like to know more about this service please contact us.