Website Development In WordPress

A website is the online businesscard of your company. It also also a tool for your association. Or if you have a creative side and want a website of all your paintings or photos? In short, a website can have many different end goals. We control many different techniques that are specialized in web development for small, medium and large websites. At Corebyte we can build you a brand new website in a short time. We can hook you up with a user friendly CMS in which you can manage all your content, whether it's your photo album, user contacts or newletter system, we can build it.

By default we make sure that the website has all the functions you want. Besides that we want to make the website as accesible as possible for you. Mobile friendly pages, search engine friendly URL's, tracking software like Google Analytics and a fast load speed is also part of our service.


Software package: WordPress

For a standard company website, blog or club page a WordPress website is perfect. With this package we can set you up with a fine site in no-time. Multi-language options are also available.

Maintanance contract

When building a WordPress site for you we always reccomend you to also get a maintanance contract with us. This will make sure that you are ensured of important updates within WordPress.

Are you interested in an advanced CMS or custom build web application?

We also build advanced websites. We don't call these websites but web applications, because they are a lot more advanced than regular websites.
For more information on web applications, see our web applications page.